Resell Superior-Quality VoIP

Ring Master's VoIP reselling program provides the utmost quality in SIP Trunk and VoIP termination services, spanning across 190+ countries. Through our VoIP reseller program, clients gain access to an expansive network comprising tier 1 providers, direct routes, and exceptional low Post Dial Delay (PDD) rates.

Resell Cost-Effective SMS

Our SMS reseller program ensures your customers connect worldwide using top-quality routes with high CTRs. As an SMS marketing reseller, you can provide OTP, transactional, and promotional options that support two-way communication.

Effortlessly Monitor User Activity

RingMaster's intuitive, user-friendly VoIP and SMS reseller dashboard lets you easily track and review activity, spending, and total revenue.

How to Become a Certified VoIP and SMS Reseller


Register Account

Sign up through our reseller portal today. There’s no verification required.


Refer Connections

Bring your connections to us. We’ll give them a tour of our solutions.


Earn Revenue

Once your referrals start using our tools, you’ll start earning commission.



That’s it! Your job is done. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and earn.

Convert more visitors into customers.