Company Idea

Looking at the growing need for customers to get instant response for their queries or problems, through a multitude of mediums that allow them to get in touch with businesses, cloud telephony is the need of the hour. It is essential for a business to cater to the needs of customers and track their activities through different means in order to understand what exactly seems to work for a brand's user engagement.


RingMaster was found in 2017 with a resolve to power up customer support, facilitate remote working, enhance working in teams to speed up the response time, leading to improved customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of feature-rich, cloud-based business communication solutions, consistently progressing and enhancing our services while staying true to our values. We envision ourselves as a dynamic and expanding platform, offering comprehensive cloud communication solutions to industries and businesses across diverse sectors.

Our Mission

At the core of our mission is the commitment to provide our customers with precisely what they require. We are driven by the relentless pursuit of solving business communication challenges and addressing the unique needs of our clients. We thrive on embracing new challenges and pride ourselves on delivering the best, tailor-made cloud-based communication solutions that align perfectly with each business's requirements.


After gaining over a decade of experience in the industry, Rahman recognized his desire to contribute significantly to the growth of businesses across different sectors. His goal was to assist organizations in optimizing their communication channels, elevating customer experience, enabling remote work capabilities, improving customer engagement, and providing robust tracking, analysis, and monitoring of their sales, support, and marketing segments through cloud telephony services.

Drawing on his expertise in networking solutions and applications, Rahman's passion for delivering cutting-edge business communication and cloud telephony solutions intensified. Motivated to enhance customer support across various communication channels, he founded Ring Master with the aim of revolutionizing the industry.